Our main activities are production and delivery of plastic components and products for industrial and household purposes. We produce plastic parts for the furniture, battery, packaging, cosmetic and other industries. We process different plastic materials: ABS, PP, PE, PS, rubber and others. We work with virgin and recycled materials.

The most valuable asset of the company is our highly professional and experienced team. Our team has the skills and creativity to produce plastic products with high quality, fully corresponding to the customer’s requirements.

The company has 14 injection molding machines Engel. We can produce plastic components with weight of less than 1 gram to more than 1000 grams. Upon the request of the customer we can assemble (manually or automatic) products that contain two, three or more components.

In order to work efficiently with our clients and to serve their needs, in our production we also work with:

  • molds developed and produced by us
  • molds developed by the customer and produced by us
  • molds entirely developed and produced by the customer

TERA 96 Ltd. is certified in EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 14001:2005

The quality of our products is priority number one for us. Our goal is to achieve zero defects on the final products and continuously to improve the skills, processes and quality control on every stage of production. We strongly believe that using new materials, new technologies and innovations is guarantee for future success of the company.

We develop sustainable processes that allow us to fulfill our production needs and in the same time limit pollution and material or energy waste. The generated production waste is collected crashed and recycled. We use energy-saving machines and processes. All products manufactured by us are 100% recyclable after their expiry.

The management appreciates that the stability and growth of the company depend on the quality of the products manufactured by us, the customers satisfaction and the development of the new products and technologies.

Your partnership with TERA 96 Ltd. meets your plastic needs.